Columna Clinical Logistics helps realise "The long-term and transparent hospital". The value of this lies in better planning, improved quality, efficiency, effective management of staff, patients, facilities and hospital equipment and optimised communication and information for hospital employees. In addition, Columna Clinical Logistics gives the ability to provide excellent service and a coherent course of treatment for patients and their families.





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    The Columna Clinical Logistics module for the emergency department ensures a more efficient flow of acute cases

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    Columna Clinical Logistics - Surgical increases productivity and reduces the number of cancelled operations

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    Patient Ward

    Columna Clinical Logistics – Patient Ward helps each coordinator to plan the ward activities effectively

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    With the Columna Clinical Logistics Anywhere module, the clinician gets mobile access to overview

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  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved allocation of resources
  • Full overview on large touchscreens and mobile devices
  • Improved patient safety
  • Higher quality in treatment
  • Configurable for each department
  • Less waitingtime for patients





Challenges in hospitals

Most hospitals have to face the multiple challenges involved in treating more and more patients using the same – or fewer – resources, while still maintaining the same high-quality levels of patient care.

Columna Clinical Logistics enables hospitals to improve patient throughput as well as improving the work environment via effective coordination and communication.

The basic idea

The idea behind Columna Clinical Logistics is to provide healthcare professionals in all hospital departments with the information they need to enable them to manage the flow of patients effectively.


Columna Clinical Logistics is designed around a series of modular software components. This means the information shown on the screens can be configured to fit the exact needs of each particular department. This innovative technology is already in use in most Danish hospitals. 

Independent studies have reported benefits that include increased patient flow, improved work environments, fewer cancellations and faster treatments.

User friendly

Columna Clinical Logistics solutions are based on touch-screen technology. This makes them exceptionally intuitive and easy to use.


Columna Clinical Logistics - Easy work tool

I usually say that our monitors were primarily an electrification of our whiteboards. It does not sound like much, but it has made an incredible impact on our overview. Everyone has the same information plus some additional information and we can easily move this information if we for instance move the patient from one bed to another. It’s very easy to quickly get an overview from these to monitors. So even though it does not sound like much, I’ll begin by saying that it is in fact a tremendous benefit per say. Furthermore it is important to ad that it is an electric whiteboard, which features much development potential, some of which we are already about to realize. For instance we have a connection to the x-ray system, which enables us to see on our electronic whiteboard, if x-rays has been requested and if the pictures have been taken, if they have been described and if our surgeon has seen the pictures. This saves us a lot of trouble, because earlier we had to look in our electronic patient journal all the time, to see if the reply from the x-ray department had arrived or not. It’s very nice that a small bright button appears on the board with their reply and we want at similar connection to our laboratory system, so a notification on our board will appear, if blood samples have been obtained or an ECG has been made. Again it saves us time and ensures quality, because it will obviously be a requirement, that when a button lights up there has been taken an ECG and then it should be turned off again when a surgeon has looked at it and signed for this - by turning off the button. In this way there is a lot of potential and it can be developed with more features, so we can have a number of small buttons which we can activate with different notes to ourselves.

Columna Clinical Logistics - Easy work tool

Head Physician Ove Gaardboe at Regional Hospital Horsens in Denmark explains the impact of using Columna Clinical Logistics.




Columna Clinical Logistics in Central Denmark Region

With its acquisition of IT support for clinical logistics, Central Denmark Region has focused on creating transparency and coherence for patients, their families, and the region's hospital staff. Learn more about Columna Clinical Logistics in Central Denmark Region here


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