The Columna Clinical Logistics module for the emergency department ensures a more efficient flow of acute cases 


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Columna Clinical Logistics - Emergency is designed to give emergency department staff and their healthcare colleagues a real time overview of current status in the department in terms of both staff and patients, as well as the ongoing ER triage procedures.

This unique software module helps ensure effective communication and coordination, resulting in a high level of treatment quality and patient safety, combined with a more efficient flow of acute cases.


  • Overview of incoming and waiting patients
  • Overview of staff on duty and their work assignments
  • Overview of status on individual patients and their treatments
  • Resources availiable in the hospital, such as the current availability of beds
  • Cooperation and communication between the ER and other departments that cooperate with the ER
  • Automatic acquisition and collation of patients and process data, thus improving the quality of information available to management, helping them make better-informed decisions