Columna Clinical Logistics – Patient Ward helps each coordinator to plan the ward activities effectively 

Columna Clinical Logistics – Patient Ward provides coordinators with an overview of patients who have been admitted, are arriving or are scheduled to arrive, and the beds available for them. Combined with staff overviews and information about the workload assigned to each member of staff, this helps each coordinator to plan the ward activities effectively.

The Patient Ward module creates a more efficient work environment with a smoother throughflow of patients – who experience fewer delays and less waiting time. Automatic text messages improve overall communication and efficiency within the department, and make sure important information reaches relevant staff members as quickly as possible.




  • Full overview of available beds
  • Read-time status on each patient and their treatment
  • Overview of each staff member's tasks, responsibilities and workload
  • Easier prioritisation of patients, resources and activities
  • Easy communication via text messages and a chat function
  • Automatic collection and collation of patient and prices data, which significantly improves the quality and consistency of the information available to hospital management for their decisions


 Clinical Logistics Patient Ward