Columna Flow Patient Flow



On hospital wards, it is crucial that decisions about patients, staffing and equipment are based on solid data. The staff need to have an accurate picture of the current situation – and a forecast for the coming hours – in order to make the best choices.

Columna Flow Patient Flow, a part of the Columna Flow suite, gives clinicians an overview of the situation and extrapolations by which to plan.

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A system that becomes increasingly smarter

Columna Flow Patient Flow contains the forecasting module Systematic Forecasting which, by means of machine learning, prepares forecasts for a ward’s future bed occupancy. The system is fed with large volumes of historical admissions data, and then analyses its way to systematics and deviations which can be used for forecasting the duration and course of future hospitalisations. As the system collects more and more data, it becomes increasingly smarter and capable of optimising the forecasts.

A firm foundation for planning

Many resources go towards maintaining an overview of beds, patients and staff on a hospital ward. With Columna Flow Patient Flow, it is easy to form an overview, and use it to make data-based decisions about patient flows, staffing and resource consumption.


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  • Supports daily collaboration on patient flows across hospital wards
  • Provides an overview of current and future hospital capacity
  • Provides an overview of planned patient transfers and discharges at ward level
  • Supports clinicians in decisions that improve individual patient flows
  • Uses big data and machine learning technology to optimise forecasts for clinicians
  • Supports decisions on staff planning in relation to bed occupancy in the form of, for example, forecasts, which contribute to better resource planning and more dependable patient flows

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When to up capacity or not

Columna Flow Patient Flow provides clinicians with an overview of current capacity, as well as forecasts for the coming hours, allowing them to coordinate patient flows and plan resources efficiently. This supports the safe patient flow process and helps staff to make data-based decisions.

The good patient flow

With the tool the Columna Flow product suite supports efforts to promote safe and efficient patient flows as well as optimum capacity utilisation. This helps to ensure that patients are always in the right bed, on the right pathway and with the right team of staff.

Proactive rather than reactive decision-making

Based on historical data, Columna Flow Patient Flow generates forecasts which can also identify patients with a high probability of being readmitted or experiencing complications during their hospitalisation. These analyses make it easier to act proactively and make critical decisions regarding patient pathways for high-risk patients.


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Columna Flow Patient Flow produces a bed occupancy forecast for the rest of the day based on historical data. This helps clinicians when something needs to be done about current bed occupancy in order to prevent overcrowding later.