Real Time Overview over Pandemics

When pandemics break out, and the health care sector is met with higher demands, the need for overview increases. Not only overview over patients diagnosed with the relevant disease, but also over clinical staff, protective gear, hospital bed spaces, and much more. 

Pandemic Overview

COVID-19 has led to a new situation where the demands for Systematic’s solutions have changed. The result of the changed demands is a fusion between two of Systematic’s solutions, including an integration of relevant data concerning COVID-19 from Johns Hopkins University. The solution enables, among other things, a complete overview of:

  • The allocation of hospitalised patients across various hospitals
  • The number of available hospital beds at the various hospitals and hospital wards
  • The status of what protective gear is in stock or missing at which hospitals

The solution provides users with a visual overview of the countries, regions, municipalities, and hospitals for which it is possible to get a status of e.g. the number of hospitalised patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Data can be updated manually by the hospitals, however, by integrating the solution with a hospital’s electronic health record, data is automatically transferred to the solution. This enables the solution to continuously show data in real time to the benefit of doctors and nurses.


Prevention of overcrowding and lack of protective gear

With a visual overview in real time, users of the solution get a better overview and an improved possibility to distribute patients and protective gear more optimally across different hospitals and municipalities. This makes overcrowding of patients and shortage of protective gear avoidable. Further, the solution contains the option to set up alerts, which activates when a hospital is below a specified minimum of protective gear. This function notifies the users and enables them to distribute more protective gear to the hospital in need, so they can treat the hospitalised patients.



The North Denmark Region has the pandemic overview

At the hospitals in the North Denmark Region parts of the solution are already implemented. Here, the solution helps the healthcare workers monitoring the capacity at their pandemic wards that handle patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Clinicians across the region can easily add new pandemic wards and transfer bed spaces across wards and departments, so that the overview always reflect the actual, physical surroundings. Therefore, clinicians in the North Denmark Region always know exactly how many beds are available, where these are located, and which departments and wards that are under pressure due to overcrowding of patients.