Systematic Forecasting is a platform based on machine learning technology that is able to provide forecasts on the basis of a given data set.


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Systematic Forecasting has the potential to be used in a wide range of different contexts to support critical decision-making.

The platform is able to identify correlations in data that the human brain cannot accommodate – and these correlations are used to produce unique models for data groups with special characteristics. These models are used to make forecasts for the type of data that feed the algorithm.

This means that if the algorithm is fed data on a hospital’s bed occupancy - bed occupancy forecasts can be produced. If the algorithm is given data on the volume and length of service projects in hospitals, forecasts can be produced regarding this.

In this way Systematic Forecasting can be used in the Healthcare domain to provide hospital staff with forecasts that support critical decision-making on patient flow and staffing. In the Defence area, the platform can be used to support management in strategic decision-making and planning, just as it might be used in other contexts in order to anticipate otherwise unforeseen and undesirable events.



  • Analyses large volumes of historical data and identifies correlations
  • Provides forecasts in crucial situations 
  • Is based on real situations and data
  • Generates individual models for particular characteristics
  • Updates models and forecasts in real time