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It is often difficult for patients and their relatives to find their way around a hospital. Hospitals are complex buildings with endless corridors, doors and signs everywhere, and if you are already feeling anxious about your visit, you can easily lose your sense of direction.

As part of the Columna Flow product suite, Columna Flow Wayfinding is a smart and complete solution comprising wayfinding tools and digital signage. The solution enables patients to plan their visit from home, and be guided to the right waiting room on arrival at the hospital. Facilitating more patients to help themselves improves flow, enhances the user experience and ensures fewer interruptions for staff.

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Wayfinding Digital Signage



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    The module contains online maps, a patient app and interactive hospital welcome digital signs

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    Digital Signage

    Signs which are updated centrally so they always display the correct information

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Columna Flow Wayfinding guides the patient all the way from home, around the hospital and back home again. The patient feels that everything is under control and that there is less to worry about – while staff do not have to spend as much time giving directions.


Patient At Home

Patients start preparing for their hospital visit from home, once they receive the admission letter. Columna Flow Wayfinding contains wayfinding modules for the internet and smartphone, so that the patient can plan well in advance and have a guide to hand when the hospital appointment is due. A coherent patient experience, regardless of the devices used, prevents unnecessary uncertainty and stress.



Patient in hall

Wayfinding stands welcome patients inside the hospital. Here, patients have their health card scanned, after which the appointment is confirmed and they are directed to the right waiting room. The route is shown on the screen, and patients see a photo of the place where they have to register on arrival. This makes it easy to recognise.

Patient Parking

When patients arrive in the hospital area, digital signs show the way. These signs are updated centrally and always display up-to-date information. They can also be interactive, allowing patients to see how to reach their specific destination.





Queue & Registration

In the actual waiting room, patients are able to report their arrival on a registration screen, and possibly enter any information so the staff do not have to spend time doing so. Digital overview screens provide relevant information to patients, for example on waiting times, delays, hygiene rules, etc. Following the consultation, signs and the app show the way so that patients quickly find their way out of the hospital again.



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