Making hospital logistics more efficient is important because it’s crucial that hospitals provide good service, and part of this involves getting better at guiding and informing both patients and visitors.

Systematic provides a complete solution that makes it easier for patients to plan their visit, and then subsequently find their way around the hospital. This supports a better patient flow, which in turn provides substantial benefits and pay-offs for hospitals as well as patients. 



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Wayfinding Digital Signage


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    Wayfinding contains both web maps, patient app and information stands at the hospital

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    Digital Signage

    Digital signs are updated centrally, ensuring that all signs are up to date

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Patient At Home

Preparations for a hospital visit start in the home, as soon as you receive an appointment notification letter. Being well prepared can reduce the feelings of insecurity associated with virtually any hospital visit. Using Systematic's Wayfinding solutions for mobile phones and computers, you can plan the easiest route from home to the particular part of the hospital and stick to it all the way, so you’re sure to arrive on time.

Patient in hall

Wayfinding information displays inside the hospital are interactive. This means you can scan your social security card (or other kinds of ID) and view your appointments, report your arrival and be guided to the right waiting room – a great help if you’re feeling a little nervous. In addition, you don’t only get shown the route to your chosen destination but also a picture of where you need to register your arrival, so it’s easier to recognise the place when you get there.

Patient Parking

When you arrive at the hospital, digital signs are there to help you as soon as as you step out of the car or get off the bus, by showing the easiest route to your destination. These digital signs make it easier to get where you need to go, providing help as and when you need it.

Queue & Registration

Digital displays in each waiting room give you relevant information about the current situation – targeted at specific groups of patients. The queuing and self-registration system enables you to report your arrival and enter information that can save time for the staff. The overview screen lists current waiting times, and there will be information about any delays.

After the consultation, you can use the same solutions to find your way back out of the hospital, so you can get home quickly and easily. This streamlines the entire patient flow from home to hospital and back again. 



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