With Columna Battlefield Healthcare we combine our capabilities from our Defence and Healthcare business areas and transform this to a completely integrated electronic health record solution, which can be used both in the hospital and in the field. The base for our Columna Battlefield Healthcare solution is our Columna Clinical Information System.



 Tank3 Text Battlefield



  • Supports in all duties concerning medical examinations and delivery of health services 
  • Supports clinicians (doctors, nurses, secretaries etc.) in documenting and planning all health related activities
  • Supports various medical specialties including veterinarian
  • Standardizes processes within healthcare
  • Collects and transforms data from daily use
  • Optimizes processes and quality
  • Supports patients in typing in data themselves in Columna via a secure web-interface to Columna
  • Supports future military medicine in field use
  • Integrates to military applications providing optimal work and communication flow
  • Gives full access to adjust and configure the system 



Helicopter Battlefield




Based on Columna Clinical Information System

Systematic has great experience with both defence and healthcare and is be able to transfer this into the delivery of an electronic health record Columna Battlefield Healthcare. 

The Columna Battlefield solution is based on Systematics Columna Clinical Information System –  a modern, coherent, flexible and fully integrated electronic health record solution.

Systematic has the resources, experiences, methods and standard solutions for both healthcare as well as defence that it takes to deliver a total Battlefield solution.

Easy, fast and reliable solution

Concerning the future field use, we emphasize that usability of the application is highly prioritized, due to the very challenging working conditions in which the system must operate. It is important that the applications are easy, fast and reliable to learn and to use. Systematic has extensive experience in establishing such solutions for use in mission critical battlefield situations.

Systematic will, through a proven methodology, support during implementation in an efficient and secure way. During the implementation phase, Systematic will ensure transfer of Columna specific knowledge to the customer in order to be able to independently maintain and expand the use of the solution.