The module handles all work processes associated with orders for examinations and tests - and their results


Columna Order and Result is the digital tool of healthcare professionals, helping them handle all workflows regarding orders and results of tests and samples.

By using Columna Order and Result, clinicians are supported in filling out the order for paraclinical systems correctly. This makes it easier for clinicians to order tests, get an overview of the progress for the order, and receive the result of e.g. blood samples, x-rays, and culture of bacteria.



  • Optimised orders
  • Complete overview of tasks and results across paraclinical systems
  • Results received directly in Columna in the required format
  • Handling of information from a wide range of legacy departmental hospital systems

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Columna Order and Result creates an overview of tests that have been ordered for the individual patient, as well as the results of tests. The clinicians decide themselves how the results are shown in Columna. Results can be presented as numbers, graphs, or text, depending on what best supports the ongoing work procedure. For instance, blood samples results can be shown directly in a screenshot together with medication information. If another blood sample result lays outside of the reference perimeter, the number is red, making the clinician aware of this value quickly.





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Columna Order and Result supports clinicians in gathering the right information about patients before a test is ordered. For instance, this means that the solution can reuse already known information about patients, and it also ensures that patients are asked the right and necessary questions ahead of any test. This way, patient safety increases, and the hospital employees avoid having to cancel the test at a later stage due to lacking information about a patient. Ahead of an MR scan, the solution thus reminds the relevant clinicians to ask whether the patient has any metal operated into their body – an information that is vital to know before an MR scan.

In Columna Order and Result it is also possible to compile several tests into so-called ordering profiles, just as it is quick and easy to reorder new tests.




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The clinicians can always see the status of orders and results in Columna. The solution shows how far in the process an order is, and here the status can e.g. be “sent”, “received”, “cancelled”, or “completed”. Depending on the status of an order, it is possible to add an existing order with more analyses.

When a result of a test has been received, it is easy for the clinician to access, forward, and approve the result. This provides transparency throughout the entire flow for the clinical employees, who are thereby able to keep track of whether or not a colleague has acted on the received results.