Quality assurance and simplified patient administration with Columna

TTF4614 Edit Crop1Columna Patient Administration ensures high quality and makes it simple to handle administrative registrations related to patients. All relevant information is gathered continuously as an integrated part of the clinical working process, and is, therefore, simultaneously validated by the healthcare professionals.

The solution handles all tasks within the care pathway, as well as billing and reporting. Columna also ensures good and fast treatment processes for patients through efficient information sharing and planning between the parties involved with the treatment of the individual patient.

Reporting and billing is automatically taken care of based on the data that is already registered in the electronic health record.



  • Efficient information sharing and planning
  • Easy planning of standardisation & overview of bed occupancy
  • Automatic reporting and billing 
  • Effective, streamlined clinical pathways
  • No redundant data

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Columna Patient Administration provides hospital employees with an easy overview of the individual department’s level of crowding – both on a daily basis and in selected time frames. It is also easy to adapt beds and estimations to e.g. holiday periods, as estimations have a scheduled start and finish.




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Columna Patient Administration supports all stages associated with referral, consultation and booking. The solution contains an overview of the individual patient’s referrals, just as hospital departments have their unique list of compiled referrals and their status.

When referrals are accepted by a clinician, a consultation can be carried out and the planning of a patient’s care process can begin. Clinicians can quickly register hospitalisation and visits by only registering the most necessary information. Later, a secretary can for instance supply additional information about a patient’s care process.




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Reporting to national databases happens automatically based on the information clinicians have already registered throughout their work. This means that manual registration of data for the sole purpose of reporting is reduced to a minimum.

For instance, in Denmark, a common standard ensures that patient data is recognized in external systems such as the Danish National Patient Registry.

Moreover, the validation feature in Columna Patient Administration minimizes the number of cases where data does not live up to the demanded reporting format.




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With Columna Patient Administration, billing takes place automatically based on the clinical registrations in the Patient Record module. This way double registrations are avoided. Columna Patient Administration makes sure that the administrative personnel constantly have an overview of costs and billings of the individual clinical course of treatment.

Moreover, the clinical personnel have a clear overview of a course of treatment, which helps in the event of tracing possible registration errors. For the clinicians, it is also clear whether they are dealing with a paying patient, and billing is easily dealt with, as payment information for most patients automatically is derived from their address and treatment level.