In Systematic, agility is not only a concept. Being agile is our mindset and embraces our entire company.


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It takes hard work, knowledge and determination to become a truly agile company characterised by impressive flexibility and a remarkable capacity to adapt - but most importantly, it takes the right techniques and tools to support agility and thus embrace continuous improvement.

All elements in our mindset embrace continuous improvement. Our mindset helps us to stay focused on delivering benefits to our customers from our innovative and agile way of working. 


  • We welcome change because ultimately it gives a better value to our customers
  • We focus on simple design so that we can stay flexible at any time with any assignment
  • We work in teams that are dedicated to serving one customer at a time
  • We test our software in early stages of development to ensure quality
  • We produce software which is scalable
  • We can predict our performance and take the right measurements at the right time to deliver the best results for our customers 


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We embrace agile thoughout the organisation. In our development teams, it is a natural approach to work, but we have integrated the agile methodology everywhere in the organisation - even to the extend that Harvard Business Review has noticed it.

Read their article "Harvard Business Review - Embracing Agile" where Systematic is mentioned as an example on how to implement agile methodologies in your business.