ISO 9001 + ISO 27001 + CMMI5 = Maximum security and quality solutions delivered on time and to the agreed price

As a long-standing supplier of software solutions for international institutions that underpin society such as the emergency services, defence, health service, educational institutions, utility companies and libraries, Systematic has a strong security culture, where compliance is fully integrated into everything we do.

We are a main supplier of software to the international defence industry, and our ISO 27001 and 9001 certification guarantees that we live up to international standards for handling information security and quality management.

The company’s high security standards cover all aspects of our business, thus benefiting all customers.

We develop secure IT solutions, provide consultancy services and advice as well as an underlying architecture that ensures that your solution is always protected.

Systematic is one of the few companies worldwide which has managed to maintain CMMI certification at Level 5 since 2005.

“CMMI documents that we are continually improving our processes and striving to minimise errors while improving quality. CMMI Level 5 is a seal of quality which means that our customers can expect us to deliver high-quality solutions on time and to the agreed price,” says Michael Holm, CEO at Systematic.

Each year, the entire company and its processes are certified and approved at the highest security level, and we work actively to build a strong security culture and awareness among employees at all levels. All projects have developers attached who are specially trained in quality assurance and incorporating security into the software.

Systematic guarantees a safe and secure production environment, a strong process framework and security in both the coding and the solutions. You company data is secure with our systems.
We are happy to help you integrate information security into your company or products. You will always be playing safe when partnering with Systematic.