Our partner agreement with Scrum Inc. helps us maintain a high level and stay ahead. Founder of Scrum Inc. Jeff Sutherland refers to Systematic's combination of Scrum and CMMI5 as being unique.



Photo from the signing of the partner agreement with Scrum Inc. In the middle, it is Jeff Sutherland, founder of Scrum Inc. To the left our CEO, Michael Holm. To the right Senior Process Improvement Manager at Systematic, Carsten Ruseng Jacobsen.


Owing to a partner agreement with Scrum Inc., the global expert on successful Scrum implementation, Systematic has access to consistent resources to maintain the highest level of Scrum theory and practice, benefiting our customers with proven agile project processes.

Agility through the Scrum method is the framing and foundation of our work. Our experience and commitment to the Scrum method makes us capable of working closely with our customers, providing solutions of the highest quality at all times.

Since 2005, 37 of our employees have been educated as Scrum Masters; the majority has been trained by Jeff Sutherland, the founder of Scrum Inc.

Scrum Inc. is the world leader of Scrum and educates companies to work more effective and delivering higher quality through unique management principles. The business community’s interest in agile methods is growing tremendously, leading to strong demand for Scrum training and consulting services.

Systematic is acknowledged by Scrum Inc. as being an elite Scrum practitioner, who complements well the services provided by Scrum Inc. That is why experienced agile software development professionals from Systematic, as part of the agreement, will work with Scrum Inc. customers on their internal projects to accelerate agile culture development in their organisations.



Watch this video and get Jeff Sutherland's perspective on why Scrum is important to customers, how Scrum works and what is unique about Systematic's combination of CMMI5 and Scrum.


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