Our customer satisfaction surveys show that our customers are satisfied to work with us 

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At Systematic, we aim at collaborating in an open and transparent way with our customers. We speak up, for example if we experience unforeseen problems during a project, or if the time schedule risks being delayed. Similarly, we expect that our customers inform us, for example if they expect delays in their deliveries to us. Transparency is a prerequisite for being able to take timely action and make necessary adjustments.

It is essential for us to meet customer expectations, and our customer satisfaction surveys conducted on a regular basis confirm an overall high satisfaction. We do not only evaluate final deliverances, but also the overall project process and cooperation. It is important for us both to deliver what is ordered and that cooperation with our customers is positive and educational for both parties.   


Systematic has been selected as a strategic supplier to DALO. We can recommend Systematic to other customers.

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By building on Systematic's experience, we have taken a shortcut to success.

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