Systematic adds value to any organisation with solutions based on business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence.



Any problem can be solved with the right tools to hand. At Systematic, we are experts at deriving value from large volumes of data, and creating solutions using business intelligence (BI), machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

We help companies collect data from different sources, and make it accessible in a usable and user-friendly form. And by using data generated in the past, we can help our customers predict patterns and actions in the future, and thereby detect problems before they emerge.

What can Systematic’s solutions do?

  • Analyse large sets of historical data and find patterns and associations within the data
  • Deliver forecasts in crucial and critical situations
  • Be situational and based on real and real-time data
  • Generate individual models adapted to customer needs
  • Update and deliver models and forecasts in real time

Businesses and public organisations are seeing a strongly growing interest in using data to support vital or business-critical decision-making. This trend is also evident at Systematic, where our customers see being able to use data to support their business as a necessary and strategic investment.

We develop solutions for all sectors of society across continents

We develop data platforms for the healthcare sector, the defence industry, utility companies and libraries. Here we identify patterns and associations within the huge quantities of data which are beyond the grasp of the human brain. In so doing, we create forecasts for how a particular area will look in future, or pinpoint areas that require specific action.

We have the right skills thanks to our highly qualified and experienced data scientists, machine learning experts, software developers and BI specialists. In addition, we have experts who understand and who possess practical experience from the sectors for which we develop solutions.

We can supply solutions based on the data that we deliver ourselves, for example from our health or citizen record system, but we can also work with data from third-party suppliers.

There is no limit to what we can build models for – and we love a challenge. Based on the many solutions and products that we have developed for our customers, Systematic is a strong partner for your business, no matter how mature it is at working strategically with data.