Machine learning can help librarians predict which books will be popular by drawing data from different trends. 

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Which books will be popular in the future? 

This is important knowledge when you wish to manage your budgets responsibly. Libraries need to prioritize their purchases carefully, while publishers are not interested in printing too many copies of a book.

Based on historical loaning data it is possible to use machine learning to predict which books will be popular in the future. Data is drawn from the trends concerning publisher, author and genre, and not least, from the internet and social media. This way it is possible to make a databased product that gives librarians suggestions on what kind of material must be purchased, as well as ensuring that they buy the right quantity.

At Systematic we always keep our mindset visionary and work on new and innovative solutions that benefit existing and future customers. Therefore, we take a closer look at our customers’ challenges and how we can assist in remedying them. Systematic will help Danish libraries find their place in this digital world where the number of physical loans is dropping drastically.

By optimising purchases, libraries can reduce the waiting list for more popular books and subsequently increase the rate of loans. Systematic offers a report and statistics solution for Cicero, called Cicero Explore, which will be further developed with the possibility of intelligent material selection lists.