Agile modernisation of business support

Systematic has been the central supplier helping PET (the Danish Security Intelligence Service) modernise its IT platform to ensure efficient, secure handling of rapidly growing volumes of data

Intelligence & National Security

Cases Challenge INS

  • Support an increasing range of responsibilities
  • Ensure efficient, secure handling of growing volumes of data

Cases Solution INS

  • Extensive modernisation of IT platform
  • Agile development and continuous deployment of IT solutions

Cases Benefits INS

  • Close user dialogue
  • Fast decision making



Central supplier for several years

For several years, Politiets Efterretningstjeneste - PET (the Danish Security Intelligence Service), has been working on modernising its IT platform in order to support the challenges PET face today.

Throughout this process, Systematic has assisted PET as supplier of IT solutions. The cooperation has been that of a central supplier in an agile project with close user contact and quick decision making.

Continuous supply of deliveries, support and competencies

Systematic continuously delivers solution components for deployment in close cooperation with PET’s users, solution architects and project management.

Furthermore, Systematic assists PET with continuous clarification of requirements, deployment, operations support and special product competencies.

The exact details of the content and size of Systematics work for PET is confidential.

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