Growing threats to network connected systems 

IT systems – wherever they may be located – are at risk from unauthorised intrusion, theft and sabotage. Geographical boundaries are being dismantled and threats can come from anywhere and in a split second. The weakest link in a company’s IT security is constantly on display – every second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More and more processes and devices are being connected to the Internet and therefore IT security should be integrated into all systems involved.

Robust, integrated defence systems can enable a company’s IT systems to withstand cyberattacks and to safeguard against events such as system crashes, data loss and unauthorised access. Any investment in cyber security should be made on the basis of the business case. It is important to find a solution that supports the business and doesn’t stifle efficiency.

Robust security solutions

Systematic has extensive experience in designing, developing and deploying solutions that are both secure and classified. We help design applications that support coherent identity management and access control as well as efficient accounting and auditing functionalities. These all aim to scale the security architecture involved, based on appropriate risk assessments.

We specialise in advanced security architecture, such as firewalls for applications and data diodes. As a result of our experience with high-confidentiality solutions, we have established a thorough body of knowledge about the processes involved in security accreditation and delivery to customers dealing with national security.

Future-proof architecture

Systematic has substantial experience designing, developing and implementing software for cyber security in network environments. We supply secure IT solutions and consultancy services as well as providing security architecture, enabling customers to build their own systems in the best possible way.

One of the advantages of Systematic solutions is that we are able to get different elements to “talk together”. This means that the solution can often be integrated with customers’ existing systems. Furthermore, Systematic solutions takes the need for future maintenance and further development into account.

Business-critical defence

Cyber security has become a discipline that is addressed at senior management level, rather than just by IT departments. The nature of this threat creates a need for both attention and resources in this field.

Violations of a company’s cyber security position can quickly escalate, and it is therefore a good idea to map relationships with external parties in order to ensure a comprehensive, coherent solution designed to counter any threats and attacks.

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  • Protection for mission-critical solution
  • Built-in security, rather than added security
  • Situational overview that includes cyber security

Good advice about cyber security

  • Remember that this is a business measure and not a technical exercise – this makes it a good idea to balance the business needs with the risk profile.
  • Think long-term about whether the security solution will be able to keep up with company’s needs for continual adjustment and development.
  • Focus on the usability and functionality of any chosen solution and make sure it does not become more difficult to be a user, customer, partner, etc. 

Cyber warfare

In addition to the general threat to systems from state entities as well as other parties, the military use of cyber warfare requires specific considerations.

As a supplier of products and components for military application, Systematic is well aware of the requirements associated with military systems for field use, including operations involving cyber warfare. We have identified a market need for a common operating picture that includes active operations in the field of cyber warfare, as well as effective management of the robustness and structural integrity of relevant computer networks. Systematic can provide just such solutions.

Systematic translates customers’ challenges and requirements into concrete cyber security solutions, and our security experts focus on the importance of the solution supporting the overall business case for the organisation’s operations.

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