Information visualisation is a key tool for emergency response

Emergency response agencies worldwide are faced with significant changes in threat levels, caused by human actions as well as natural disasters. Higher threat levels combined with higher expectations of service from citizens as well as reduced budgets, call for the introduction of better and more flexible emergency management solutions at a lower cost. Solutions that use open and flexible standard products to allow rapid deployment of consolidated situational awareness, communication and dispatch, thereby supporting increased service levels with more efficient use of manpower

The ability to integrate numerous sensor types (video cameras, radios, GPS, etc.) and data sources, leads to growing needs for access to all information relevant to any particular event or area of responsibility. 

Besides providing situational awareness to central dispatchers and commanders, our solutions allows operationally relevant information to be deployed to field teams or vehicles in an efficient and user-friendly manner.




  • Scalable situational awareness decision support
  • Mission critical quality and reliability
  • Rapid development and deployment using standard components.





Systematic has many years of experience developing and deploying command and control (C2) solutions that provide military customers with maximum situational awareness and interoperability. We have also deployed similar solutions for emergency response organisations, based on both headquarters-based installations and mobile field solutions. Our solutions scale from individual personnel and vehicles over on-site mobile management to command headquarters, meeting the areas of responsibility at each level, while ensuring reliably replication of data over the various available wireless and wired networks.

We also have an extensive track record within supplying large-scale clinical information systems for the healthcare sector. We are able to draw on this experience by providing support for emergency response organisations of all kinds.

Systematic has developed a new mobile Communication Platform for the Danish National Police, a Resource Database for the Danish Emergency Management Agency.  Systematic has also supported/maintained the control room of the Police of Copenhagen.

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