Optimisation. Efficiency improvement. Increased competitiveness. Overview. Service. Five disciplines that gain a foothold all over the world with software from Systematic. Increased job satisfaction among the employees can be added to this.



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Construction sites, festivals, airports – all are familiar with a lot of logistic challenges, whether it concerns equipment, a lot of ad hoc assignments or large crowds.

Systematic has many years of experience with logistic optimisation – by using an IoT platform among others. The IoT platform ensures localisation of persons, equipment and tasks that are all used for resource allocation.

The IoT platform is open and provides the opportunity of connecting a range of different applications with distinct purposes. The applications work via PC’s, smartphones as well as tablets and can be used separately or integrally.

Recently, Systematic’s IoT platform and its related services have, among others, been used in hospitals in Finland and Australia, and there are many other industries where the IoT platform can strengthen the digitisation of the daily working procedures.


We digitise and optimise the logistics and create transparency. It increases the customers’ competitiveness, service and ability to utilise the available resources in the best possible way






Optimising workflow in hospitals

IT support of service logistics makes it easier to coordinate and plan service tasks. Columna Service Logistics and the IoT Platform is used at Aalborg University Hospital.

Logistics DF

Automation of business processes

Danske Fragtmænd’s customers experience a more efficient workflow. Coordinators get daily support from a busines critical and intelligent logistics system developed by Systematic.





The IoT platform provides an overview that ensures a range of benefits for both colleagues, coordinators, management and customers.

  • Less errors in the performance of tasks
  • Increased efficiency
  • Basis for overview
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Optimised resource planning and management
  • Cost savings
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Increased service.


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