Do you want to make a difference to nurses, soldiers, tax employees, or librarians? Do you want a career in an international company that has customers and offices worldwide? If the answer is “yes” we have lots of exciting opportunities for newly qualified software developers like you.



Every year we recruit more than 30 newly qualified software developers at our head office in Aarhus, Denmark as well as at our international offices. We recruit software developers from a variety of Danish and international institutes of higher education.

So you’ll find in us a company that’s used to helping new colleagues settle in. Taking care of recent graduates and helping them settle into our team, evolve, and quickly take on big responsibilities from the outset of their career is part of our DNA.





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As a new recruit at Systematic, we do everything to give you the best possible start. You’ll immediately be assigned a tutor to support and motivate you until you’re ready to stand on your own two feet. Within the first month you will be send on a four-day induction programme where our CEO, Michael Holm, will welcome you and tell you about Systematic’s journey. During your induction you will be introduced to our values, the core elements of our business, and learn about our unique combination of CMMI, Lean, and Scrum.

Depending on your role and project team, you will attend courses in the various development methods we use such as Feature Driven Development and Continuous Delivery. In addition you’ll receive specific training in our various developer tools such as JIRA, GIT, and Teamcitya. There is a constant focus on your continuous professional and personal development, and on your involvement in choosing the career path that your potential is developing towards. New employees often take one or more certifications during their first three months at Systematic – mostly in Microsoft, Java, and Oracle technologies.



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As a recent graduate at Systematic, you’ll see how we believe in responsible freedom. This means that you are largely responsible for planning your working day and tasks. You will, of course, receive professional coaching and feedback from your manager and team as required for fulfilling the customer’s requirements. Within your team you will help each other and have two pairs of eyes looking over your code. Although you will initially be building up your experience and developing your career, you will be a key player in the team and work on equal terms with your peers in your team and in Systematic as a whole.

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We are dedicated to our employees’ development. Our motto is: “It’s better to train people and risk them leaving than to do nothing and have them stay.” We therefore encourage our employees to seek inspiration and develop by way of job rotation and training, as well as to look for roles within management and specialist areas.




We offer each employee a wide range of courses, certifications, and further training. Roughly six percent of Systematic’s total payroll outlay is spent on training its employees. To date the result of this has been a total of 678 certifications. So there is ample opportunity to push your own limits, to determine the path of your career, and to climb your own career ladder within Systematic.



We believe that open communication helps employees and the organisation to evolve, so we have countless professional networks, open meetings with the management over a cup of coffee, two annual employee performance appraisals, and a monthly business briefing where the management tell us about the status of the organisation.

We have an informal company culture in which co-operation is paramount. This means that it is always possible to get help and you never need face a problem alone. We view seeking help from colleagues only as something positive.

Similarly our culture is characterised by a high degree of professionalism in which quality and making a difference are cornerstones of our day-to-day work. Working at Systematic is more than just a job for the fact that we all do our utmost to make a difference for our customers no matter which industry they’re in.

Read more about our culture and our values here.

So if you’re a recent graduate who is ambitious, co-operates well, and who has a constant focus on your own development and improving the quality of your work?

Then take a look at our vacancies for recent graduates here.  


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