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Software architect to develop mission-critical software for the Danish Armed Forces

Do you want to shape the products of the future for the defence industry? Be part of shaping the future for Denmark’s maybe largest mission-critical web application. Our mission is to enable our users to do their jobs even better and save lives by giving them a quick and precise overview of complex situations. We simplify critical decision making.

The job
As an architect, you have the opportunity of being at the head of and making your mark on the direction and the decisions we make every day to the benefit of our customers.

You will be part of a project of 30-35 developers who are responsible for development and maintenance of a complex product that is part of a larger product suite. We have a wide array of different technologies. Here you will be part of the architect team. Together you will be responsible for finding the best solutions for the customer and the product. You will convert domain and customer demands to explicit solution and quality demands so that we design the proper solution and make the right prioritization of solution quality and focus areas.

There are numerous tasks, and you will among others:

  • Participate in technical management regarding the product
  • Spar with skilled developers about technical challenges and lend a helping hand during implementation
  • Maintain the everyday overview of the solution with a view to finding solutions to challenges that, for instance, takes technical limitations, different users, backward compatibility, SDK, technical debt and price into account
  • Ensure the proper quality of the existing code base

Your skills and personality
We imagine that you have an education as a computer scientist, engineer or similar. You either have experience as an architect or as an experienced developer who is passionate about becoming an architect.

The skills that will be crucial in your working day as an architect are that you:

  • Can see the big picture in terms of the total solution
  • Can design, estimate and maintain large software solutions
  • Can build strong relations and communicate with developers, testers, product owners and other architects on the project
  • Can make the compromise between the best technological solution and the right price
  • Are proactive in terms of the technical challenges
  • Are inspiring and motivating in you collaboration with the developers

Your mindset reflects that you are focused on finding solutions and not problems and that you have an eye for customer value, business value and quality. Finally, you are firm and have a keen intellect, and you are the one who sees the big picture when changes occur.

Systematic offers
Our IT solutions make it simpler for the users to make critical decisions. In the defence and healthcare sectors, critical decisions often concern matters of life and death. In both the private and the public sector, our solutions must handle large amounts of data, e.g. in the library sector with more than 50 million yearly loans. To be able to continue the development of solutions that customers trust, we continuously challenge each other, our work processes and technologies. We have a highly pro-active education and training policy with defined career paths and internal pro-active Knowledge Networks.

We stay constantly focused on making everything better. Our unique combination of strong principles from CMMI and the best aspects of LEAN and Scrum enable us to develop reliable, high-quality solutions for our customers and to deliver them to the agreed price and deadline. We work in teams, and some of our teams include well-integrated insourced developers.

We prioritise a sensible balance between work and private life, and our agile approach provides you with an excellent opportunity of being able to plan your own tasks and working hours to a great extent. We value social cohesion at the workplace and have a very active staff association.

Because we also work with security classified projects, all Systematic personnel must have security clearance. Learn more at http://systematic.com/clearance.

Questions and application procedure
If you would like to know more about this position, please contact Senior Project Manager René Balle Jensen at + 45 89 43 20 00.

Application deadline: Please send us your application as soon as possible as interviews will commence shortly

Workplace: Aarhus

Commencement: By Appointment

You are welcome to apply for this position in either Danish or English.

We look forward to receiving your application.


Systematic A/S develops software and systems solutions to customers in healthcare, defence, the library and learning sector, law enforcement, the public sector, finance and service industries. A common feature of these customers is a need to integrate, compare and analyse large volumes of complex data, and to generate an overview that allows decision-making based on a solid foundation, often in critical situations.Systematic was established in 1985. Today, the company is the largest privately owned software and systems company in Denmark, with major international companies as partners, and solutions sold to customers in 47 countries. The company has approximately 475 employees and is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark with further offices in Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the USA. 



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