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Senior Architect that wants to make a difference

As an architect at Systematic, you, like us, want to make a difference – you want to be part of opening doors to future, exciting challenges related to the digitization in Denmark, and you want to be part of developing and implementing the most central systems. You want be in the front and able to make your mark on the direction by ensuring that every decision we make together with the customer, as well as the products we develop for the customer, ensure customer value and provides our customers and users with solutions that aim towards simplifying critical decision making.

You can handle the complexity involved with working with the comprehensive projects that concern the most central systems in Denmark, and you want to make a difference for systems with a wide applicability through the use of new technologies.

The job
You will be responsible for driving the overall decisions for the architecture in collaboration with the customer’s architects and decision-makers. Through you technical overview, you play a central part in the work done with translating the wishes and requirements of the customer into software solutions and tasks that the development team can implement.

Based on your customer and business perspective, you solve the tasks in close collaboration with the customer’s employees and also your colleagues in Systematic. You are ready to work very independently and thrive making the necessary decisions. We expect that you:

  • Take responsibility for the technical solution, including choice of architecture and the general design
  • Work closely with the customer and the development team regarding solutions and general architecture
  • Are involved in sales activities
  • Formulate solution strategies that provide customer value and internal production synergy crosswise
  • Participate in drawing up quality requirements for the project.

Likewise, you are responsible for supporting sales and business development in a way that ensures clarity about the elements that provide customer value.

You will enter into a team consisting of developers, lead developers, a test manager and a project manager. You will refer to the program manager and will constitute the management of the program along with him and the project manager.

Your skills and personality
You have a theoretical background as an engineer, computer scientist or similar with extensive experience and more than 5 years of experience from a similar role, and, as a consequence, you have a certain amount of experience with the very close collaboration with politically driven organisations or public customers.

We expect that you have experience with and an interest in:

  • Large distributed system landscapes
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Java Enterprise technologies
  • Open Source technologies.

You work in an analytical and structured manner and are capable of supporting the sales and business development in a solution context. You are characterised by focusing on opportunities and business, and you have experience with immersing yourself in the customer’s business and understand the areas that hold customer value. You are capable of adapting your communication of complex messages and challenges to the recipient’s qualifications and needs. Good collaboration comes naturally to you, and you are able to delegate and coach within, among others, software development and technologies at the same time.

As a person, you are outgoing and skilled in establishing relations. Your involving style ensures that you are full of initiative and proactive in the dialogue with the customer. You thrive in having opinions and decisions challenged and argued against. Additionally, you are open, receptive and able to be persistent in your decisions at the same time. Finally, you are strong when facing resistance and capable of maintaining your positive mind-set.

Systematic offers
Our IT solutions make it simpler for the users to make critical decisions. In the defence and healthcare sectors, critical decisions often concern matters of life and death. In both the private and the public sector, our solutions must handle large amounts of data, e.g. in the library sector with more than 50 million yearly loans. To be able to continue the development of solutions that customers trust, we continuously challenge each other, our work processes and technologies. We have a highly pro-active education and training policy with defined career paths and internal pro-active Knowledge Networks.

We stay constantly focused on making everything better. Our unique combination of strong principles from CMMI and the best aspects of LEAN and Scrum enable us to develop reliable, high-quality solutions for our customers and to deliver them to the agreed price and deadline. We work in teams, and some of our teams include well-integrated insourced developers.

We prioritise a sensible balance between work and private life, and our agile approach provides you with an excellent opportunity of being able to plan your own tasks and working hours to a great extent. We value social cohesion at the workplace and have a very active staff association.

Because we also work with security classified projects, all Systematic personnel must have security clearance. Learn more at http://systematic.com/clearance.

Questions and application procedure
If you would like to know more about this position, please contact Senior Program Manager Thomas Jesper Hansen at + 45 89 43 20 00.

Application deadline: Please send us your application as soon as possible as interviews will commence shortly

Workplace: Aarhus

Commencement: By Appointment

You are welcome to apply for this position in either Danish or English.

We look forward to receiving your application.


Systematic A/S, established in 1985, develops software and system solutions to customers in both the public and private sector. Today, the company is the largest privately owned software company in Denmark with solutions sold to customers in 47 countries. More than 100,000 people worldwide use Systematic’s products. The company has 650+ employees and is headquartered in Aarhus with offices in Copenhagen, Germany, USA, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Finland and Sweden. Systematic A/S has customers within healthcare, defence, the library and learning sector, law enforcement, the public sector, finance and service industries. A common feature of these customers is a need to integrate, compare and analyse large volumes of complex data, and to generate an overview that allows critical decision-making based on a solid foundation. 



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