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Below you find examples of projects, written by students from engineering schools as well as other higher educational institutions in cooperation with Systematic. 

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List of projects - fire

List of projects - medicine

A novel approach to improving positioning accuracy in indoor positioning by dead reckoning utilising map information and sensor fusion

Purpose: To establish knowledge on relevant positioning and improvement methods, as well as examine the accuracy of a dead reckoning module via empirical analysis. Methods for improving the accuracy via door identification as waypoint correction and correction in correlation with walls were also realised.

Bio sensor infrastructure protocol

Purpose: To develop a robust and flexible zigbee protocol that sends filtered data between a sensor measuring a patient’s condition and a portable device in a secure and reliable manner. Furthermore, transfer of new filters for censor data filtration was developed.

Building Entity Association Model (BEAM)

Purpose: To develop a system for monitoring, positioning and localising individuals inside a building. To develop a three-dimensional graphical map of a building based on a model called Industry Foundation Classes (IFC).

Development of service-oriented software architecture for the distribution of patient data from biosensors

Purpose: To use Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to develop a patient surveillance system using the web-service specification described in SOA. To apply SOA when developing a surveillance system prototype that distributes crucial data from patients at their homes to a monitor.

Search of buildings during a fire

Purpose: To develop a program that renders possible localisation of rooms on a building map and indicates whether a room has already been searched by fire fighters during a fire. The program is meant to be used by fire brigade team leaders, who should also be able to change a room’s status from ‘not searched’ to ‘searched’.

Medicine reminder for mobile phones

Purpose: To develop a program for mobile phones that reminds patients to take their medicine at the appropriate time and displays what medicine it has to be. The program receives information on the particular patients’ medication from the clinical information system Columna.

Modelling of tele-homecare data in clinical information system

Purpose: To carry out a theoretical study of integration of Tele-Homecare data in the clinical information system Columna with a view to obviate the need for an interconnected clinical information system. Archetype-based modelling was applied, and Homecare-System was modelled with a primary focus on EKG archetypes development.

Patient browser on a PDA

Purpose: To develop software for PDA systems that enables doctors and other staff members in the healthcare sector to access patient records. This will provide staff with a quick overview of patients, specific hospital sections, wards or departments.

Vital signs and positioning

Purpose: To develop a system that monitors the fire fighters’ vital signs and their positions during a fire. To support evaluation of fire responses based on experience. To present and demonstrate the result of the project during a fire fighting exercise.




List of projects - risk management

List of projects - CSR

CSR in B2B companies

Purpose: To discuss the benefits of CSR in a B2B company, and communicating this to stakeholders. To find out how a company best should engage in CSR, and how this should be communicated to stakeholders on the company’s website.

Internal communication at a strategic level - formulation and implementation of an internal communications strategy

Purpose: To conduct an analysis of strengths and weaknesses in a company's internal communication. To integrate an internal communication strategy formulated by Systematic into the present communications strategy.

Risk management in a modern software development company

Purpose: To investigate what challenges Systematic faces in relation to risk management as well as suggest possible solutions. The challenges include those related to the work with the risk management process and solutions that can be incorporated into Systematic’s processes.


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