Jette Interns

Jette finished her training at the IT Academy in Skive, Denmark, and wrote her final project with Systematic



... why she chose Systematic for writing the final project

I wrote my final project together with another girl from my class because we had a shared interest in healthcare IT systems.

Actually, the fact that Systematic develops and delivers IT systems for healthcare was one of the main reasons why we chose the company for our project. For me, it was also very important that Systematic is CMMI certified. I worked as a quality manager before, so I fully understand the relevance of high-quality IT systems, especially for critical decision making.

... what the project was about

The aim of our project was to develop an application for mobile phones that would help improve patient compliance with planned medication programs. It was supposed to send users a reminder to take medication at the appropriate time, as well as display what medication it had to be.

Our project was in a way related to Systematic’s clinical information system, Columna. However, we were only able to create a functional prototype that simulated data delivery from the clinical information system to our mobile application. Nevertheless, I believe the unique possibilities involved could make this a useful add-on to Columna in the long run.


... collaboration with Systematic

I really enjoyed working with Systematic! Our supervisor in the company always had time for us whenever we needed it. In addition, all the employees we worked with were extremely helpful.

Unfortunately, we were unable to come to Systematic very often, because neither my co-worker nor I lived in Aarhus where Systematic is based. A lot of the communication therefore took place via e-mail, although we could always set up a face-to-face meeting if we needed it. I believe that the professional guidance we got from Systematic employees played a big role in helping us write a good project and get the highest grade.


  • has a master’s degree in Pharmaceutics and a degree in Advanced Computer Science Studies
  • finds working with IT systems for healthcare particularly interesting
  • got her dream job as a healthcare informatics consultant in Central Denmark Region.


... what she learned from writing final project with Systematic

I personally feel that cooperation with Systematic was very beneficial. I learned a lot about the company’s Columna clinical information system, as well as acquiring a good insight into the system’s architecture and the way it worked. For me, as both a pharmacist and an IT specialist, it was very interesting.

... Systematic’s response to the project

All in all, we got some good feedback from Systematic when we presented our project to the company. We especially appreciated their constructive criticism and suggestions about the things that could be brushed up. This did a lot to help us improve both our project report and the final oral presentation.

... the best thing about writing final project with Systematic

In general, it was a positive experience that I was very pleased with.

First of all, the topic we chose for the project matched both our personal and professional interests. Secondly, we were working under qualified supervision that gave us lots of opportunities to learn new things. And finally, it was some relevant experience I could include on my CV.