Malik Interns

Malik finished his training at the Engineering College of Aarhus, Denmark, and wrote his final project with Systematic



... why he chose Systematic for writing his final project

I wrote my final project with a classmate who was working as an intern in Systematic at that time. I myself was doing an internship in another company. We both asked our companies if they had any suggestions for our final project. The topic offered by Systematic was so interesting that we simply couldn’t resist it. It was also important to us that Systematic works with technologies that we wanted to use in our project.

... what the project was about

Our project was related to the firefighters’ health surveillance project that Systematic was working on back then. Our assignment was to generate 3D models of buildings that could be used for easily identifying the exact location of firefighters inside. In case of an emergency, the rescue team could then be sent to the right place to save their colleague immediately.



... collaboration with Systematic

Working with Systematic was really worth it, and a great experience for us both because we received the kind of qualified assistance that helped us write a good project. 
We used to meet with our Systematic supervisor once a month or once every two months to make sure we were heading in the right direction. The rest of the time, we worked on our own at the Engineering College of Aarhus, but it was still nice to know that help was only an arm’s length away, should we need it.


  • has a bachelor’s degree in engineering 
  • finds software development projects especially interesting 
  • hopes to continue working within the field of software development. 



... what he learned from writing final project with Systematic

Working with Systematic brought me much closer to understanding market needs and real-life requirements. In contrast with most assignments at the Engineering College of Aarhus, the project we were working on with Systematic wasn’t something that only mimics real life. It was indeed real and had a real customer. This meant we had someone to contact if we needed clarification concerning particular customer requirements, product features or any other kind of assistance. That helped us stay on the right track.

... Systematic’s response to the project

We got good feedback from the company and were praised for the work we did. Having finished the project, we then also participated in a project competition for engineering students organised by a Danish consulting engineering and design company called DIS. Each semester, DIS awards a prize to the project considered most likely to become a commercial success. Participants have to prepare an eye-catching project presentation for the board of DIS, and ours was based on a Hollywood-style scene from an action movie where the good guys are able to track the bad guys by using a system like the one we developed.

The Engineering College of Aarhus liked our idea, and used it for the student welcoming event that year. In fact, the event got a lot of media attention. And Systematic, of course, appreciated the media coverage it received as a result of our project being mentioned in the news.

... the best thing about writing final project with Systematic

Writing the final project with Systematic was both interesting and beneficial. Not only did I learn something new, but I also had the opportunity to work on a real-life project in a real company. It was also an exciting experience, because I knew I was creating a piece of software that might truly make a difference for those using it.