Mathias Interns

Mathias finished his training at the Engineering College in Aarhus, Denmark, and wrote his final project in collaboration with Systematic



... why he chose Systematic for writing his final project

I did my internship in Systematic sometime before, so I already knew the company pretty well. I also participated in some exciting workshops with the Aarhus Fire Department during that time, and I really liked it a lot. So when my supervisor in the company contacted me with a proposal for the final project, which again included working with firefighters, I agreed almost at once. I also liked the fact that there seemed to be many project development possibilities and an easy way to ‘sell’ the main project idea during an exam.

... what the project was about

Our final assignment was related to a project that Systematic had previously worked on with the Aarhus Fire Department, back in 2004. We had to develop a mobile application that would help to improve health monitoring procedures for firefighters. The intention was to collect data on firefighters’ vital signs (heart beat, breathing rate, temperature, etc.) as well as their position during the fire. This data, collected from each fireman’s chest belt, had to be transmitted to the server and later on to the chief fireman’s wrist-worn PDA.

I did my project with three other guys from my class. Because of this number, we were given two different assignments. Me and one other guy were mainly working on data collection using Bluetooth and its transmission through GSM network. The other two guys were developing software for chief fireman’s PDA and the laptop placed at the back of the fire truck.

The prototype that we created also enabled firemen to see the history of all the data collected. This meant they could easily evaluate experience gained from previous firefighting operations.



... cooperation with Systematic

It was really nice working with Systematic. We got all the help we needed, as well as very professional guidance from our supervisor in the company. In fact, we didn’t have to take care of much except for working on our project and keeping up with deadlines. Everything else, including the regular meetings with firefighters, was planned and arranged for us in advance.


  • has a bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • finds customer interaction and usability focus especially interesting
  • hopes to work as a project manager in the nearest future.



 ... what he learned from writing his final project with Systematic

I think that the focus on customer needs is one of several important things that you don’t usually have in mind while studying. But I was lucky enough to learn a lot about dealing with customers when I wrote my final project with Systematic.

Another lesson that I’ll remember for the rest of my life is the importance of testing your software prior to presenting it to your customer. We didn’t do that before showing our prototype to the firemen for the first time and, of course, it didn’t work. Our supervisor half-jokingly suggested that we grew a moustache for the final presentation, because all firemen had one. We listened to his advice and everything indeed went perfectly. That’s how we learned the lesson. However, it was not about the magical powers of the moustache!

... Systematic’s response to the project

After the final presentation, we got some good feedback from Systematic on our project. I believe this means that we managed to create a piece of software that in the future could be of considerable help to firefighters.

... the best thing about writing final project with Systematic

It was an exciting experience to work with Systematic and I had loads of fun during the firefighting exercises we took part in.

We also did some serious work, of course. But it was easy in the sense that we got all the information we needed and had no trouble communicating with our supervisor in the company. As well as this, we were treated like employees and not just students writing a project.