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How do I approach you if I have an idea for a project?

Please write an e-mail to In your e-mail, you should include a short CV, your grade sheet and a project description.

In the project description, consider the following:

  • What do you want to develop/investigate?
  • Why would you like to cooperate with Systematic?
  • What will Systematic gain by cooperating with you?
  • When do you intend to start and finish your project?

If you have any questions regarding your idea, please write to



Are you interested in an internship in Systematic where you can gather practical experience with software engineering, communication, HR or other interesting fields?

Please upload your application, a short CV and a transcript of your recent grades via our e-recruitment system. In your application you should consider the following:”

  • Why would you like to be an intern in Systematic?
  • In what areas would you like more experience?
  • What period of time should your internship cover?
  • What is your field of study, and how far are you in your studies? 
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