for practical experience as an intern at Systematic


Student Programme EN 3


Systematic welcomes around 30 interns as a part of our staff at our headquarters in Aarhus each semester.

You will get the chance to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. At the same time you will gain experience within our field of work and build a strong network of colleagues. 

We see your potential and if you excel in your internship period, we will discuss the possibility of offering you a student job after the internship period is ended.

The internship period is typically between four and five months and is a full time position.


We take on a number of interns within software engineering and computer science every semester. Students working as software developer interns in Systematic will participate in our software development projects and will serve as ordinary members in our project teams. This means that you will be responsible for sections of the development work, fully on par with all the other team members.


As a user experience designer intern you will help shape the best possible user experience for the end-users of our products. You will be an important mediator between the users and our team of software developers and you will take part in transforming the users’ and customers’ wishes and requirements into the design of the final user interface.


In our shared functions you have the possibility of getting an internship within human resources, communications, finance or the legal department. As an intern in shared functions, you will participate in supporting the business and you will have the responsibility of your own tasks.


When you are an intern at Systematic we strive to give you the best possible start. That is why we have a student programme priming you to be able to accomplish your tasks. You will receive a course package where you will be introduced to our culture and values, processes, tools and more. Furthermore, you will have a 1-2 day course in a technology that is relevant for your job. You will have a mentor for your entire internship period who can give you input on how to solve your tasks. Before your internship period ends, we will have an evaluation dialogue with you where we will talk about your future potential in Systematic.


As an intern, you are treated just like any other Systematic employee. To a large extent, you are responsible for planning your own work day. You are, of course, provided with whatever you need to carry out the tasks assigned to you.

Naturally, we also do our best to make sure there’s a good match between your personal wishes and the formal requirements associated with your course on the one hand, and our expectations and priorities on the other. Most importantly, we want you to learn a lot and have fun while you are part of the Systematic team.


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