Henrik Web

Henrik was an intern in Systematic's Public Sector department from April to October 2013


Henrik's thoughts about...


… choosing Systematic for an internship:
I got to know Systematic through a school project that a classmate and I made together with the new super hospital, which is under construction in Gødstrup. The project concerned smartphones and other technologies and how it can improve the workflow for the staff at the hospital. I realised that the project had many parallels to the health IT projects that Systematic was engaged in already. Since I thought it was an interesting area, I decided to apply for an internship here, so I could get the chance to get to know even more.

... a typical day of work:
Most of the time I work on tasks on a mobile client where I find errors, improve the user interface and implement new features. Every morning we have a Scrum meeting where we discuss the progress in our work and where we will go from here. Once in a while there are joint meetings for all employees, where we are informed about Systematic’s situation in a broader perspective. This helps to give the impression that you are part of something bigger.


... the difference between being an employee and a student:
The biggest difference is probably, that in Systematic I have focus on the delivery of a product. That is very different from studying, where you often go into each topic in depth. It means that the tasks in Systematic often change and I get to try different things, which have given me some exciting challenges.

Facts about Hentik:

  • Studying to become Electronic Design Engineer
  • Wants to start his own software company


... the best part of the internship:
The biggest, positive surprise is the way I was welcomed, when I came as an intern. Almost from day one I was part of the team and contributed to the project. The best thing about the internship is that I get to use the things I have learned through my education, in a larger perspective.

... the biggest challenge during the internship:
Since I live in Herning, I get on the train at 6 am most mornings and I am usually home again at 6 pm. During my time at the university, I could more or less schedule my time the way I wanted, so it took some time getting used to being away from home much of the day. In Systematic, one of the biggest challenges has been to become familiar with the various processes – but it's nice once you've got to know the specific procedure you can lean on.

... the personal and professional benefits of the internship:
It is exciting to be in a team where you work across professions and skills, and where everyone is working towards a common goal. It has been a bit of an eye opener to see how the things I have learned in school can be used in real life, even in a team where the other developers are skilled and experienced.

... the most memorable experience of the internship:
So far, the most memorable experience was probably to win a tender. It's great to feel that there are many people fighting for the same cause, and when you succeed it is obviously even better. Jumping around and cheering in the canteen area – need I say more?