Line Interns

Line was an intern at Systematic's Defence Department from August 2013 until January 2014




… choosing Systematic for an internship:
I'd never heard of Systematic until I read their advertisement for the internship on my university's job bank. After I applied, I started to hear more about how Systematic involves users in their software development. I also learned that Systematic had a number of established user experience engineers, which really impressed me. Since user involvement is my field, I became more and more excited about working at Systematic.

... a typical day of work:
My working day usually starts with a 1.5 hour commute on the train from Aalborg to Aarhus. When I get to the office, I go through my lists, post-its, calendar and mails, so I get a clear overview of my tasks for the day. I usually have a couple of meetings about planning, updating or reporting and at the same time, I'll have a handful of tasks that I'm working on.

Usually I have several things on the go and I'm frequently interrupted with new inquiries. That's one of the reasons why I start the day by going over what I've written down. It's my way of keeping an overview and it also means my desk is frequently buried under paper.

Some days I'm also out of the office, either working at home or on a study visit at the users as part of a trial or observational study.



... the difference between being an employee and a student:
I don't have to register my working hours in the same way as my colleagues do. That's the biggest difference I've noticed. Right from the start, I've felt that I'm part of Systematic, sharing responsibility for the product I'm working on. I have the same responsibility as the others in my team and the same workload.


Facts about Line:

  • Studying MSE in Product and Design Psychology
  • Dreams of working with users to develop products that match their needs and preferences


... the best part of the internship:
I've had contact with real users of the product I'm working on. I feel that in just a short time, I've gained a comprehensive understanding of how the product is used and insight into how to progress with the development. Previously, I had to qualify my work because I didn't have contact with the right user group and that pretty much limited what I could do before the product was used by the real user group.

... the biggest challenge during the internship:
I live in Aaborg. So I have to commute from there to Aarhus every day. I'd say that was my biggest challenge. Even though during my study period I've had a fairly rigid timetable, travelling distance is still a challenge. I've gotten used to it after a while and I could even see myself commuting every day. Even though it's a lot of hours, there's the bonus that I have my own free time when the working day is done - there's no homework to do.

... the personal and professional benefits of the internship:
I wasn't used to Systematic's way of collaborating, so it taught me how to prioritise what to bring up for discussion. It's also meant that I've developed my ability to explain problems, methods or similar subjects in my field to people who don't completely share my field.

... the most memorable experience of the internship:
That I've tried being an employee. Now I have a real understanding of what I'll be getting into after
university. The biggest reason for why I'm so satisfied is that everyone has really welcomed me and involved me as part of their working life.

... yourself as a future part of Systematic:
Throughout the whole process, I've been treated as an equal and one of the employees and I've been positively surprised about what it means to be an intern at Systematic. Because of the trust, area of responsibility, collaboration and the culture of exchanging and hearing out ideas, I could see myself working at Systematic if a position was offered.