Louise was an intern in Systematic's People & Culture Department from August 2016 to January 2017




... choosing Systematic for an internship:
I chose Systematic for several reasons. First and foremost, I already knew someone who was working here, and secondly, I have been helping voluntarily at different staff association events. For that reason, I already had a great idea of the corporate culture, which highly appealed to me and led to my application. I knew that it was a company where I would fit in personally.

Moreover, I did encounter Systematic at different education fairs where they were branded as an ambitious place of internship with rich opportunities of learning and being challenged professionally. Those things combined made Systematic the ideal place for me.

... a typical day of work:
Very varied and challenging, which makes it difficult to categorise something as being “a typical day of work”. My tasks covered many things. I was responsible for employer branding and recruitment. In relation to recruitment, I was responsible for recruiting all of our interns, which means that I had ownership of the entire recruitment process together with my mentor. In my work with employer branding, I was responsible for planning, executing, and the branding of our different initiatives and events.  

Additionally, I am very curious as a person and ask questions frequently, which entailed that I was highly influential in my working day and creating new tasks. Besides that, I had a vast network of business partners in-house, who likewise contributed to shaping my different tasks. Lastly, it is important to mention that freedom with responsible was key. It was my responsible to prioritize between tasks and fill out my time as long as I finished my tasks.


... the difference between being an employee and a student:
You get a fundamental insight into how the "real world” works and how things run practically. Moreover, you get a chance to try out the things and skills you have acquired at your study, and finally yet importantly, you get to see how theory works in practice and when it does not. Throughout my internship, I got to realize that you need to make decisions much faster in the business world, whereas you have more time to think in your study. This contributed to the fact that I know myself better now practically and professionally.

As an intern, you are treated as any other employee. You are on the level as your colleagues, and you are considered as permanent employed. In addition, freedom with responsibility is alpha and omega, which I highly appreciated.

Facts about Louise:

  • Education: Louise has a professional bachelor’s degree in international business and marketing from Business Academy, Aarhus. 

  • Career dreams: dreaming of working in a place where I thrive just as much as I do at Systematic. I dream of a job that contribute to my continuous development and improves my skills  where I am surrounded by great colleagues who help and take care of each other. The most important thing for me is that I am excited to go to work – even on a Monday morning.

  • Current position: Junior Consultant, People & Culture.


... the best part of the internship:
The best part was definitely that I was allowed; allowed to ask questions and being listened to. As long as it made sense, I was allowed to proceed with the things I wanted. For that reason, I contributed highly in creating the direction that I wanted to develop throughout my internship.

Furthermore, I was given professional feedback and advisement. As an intern at Systematic, you are assigned with a mentor who supports you one hundred per cent and prioritise to help if or when needed. It keeps you calm and confident, but at the same time, it enables you to test boundaries in a different way. On another note, people are so welcoming and friendly, and it is possible to receive help and support across departments and projects

It is important to mention as well that your different tasks as an intern at Systematic really create business value rather than doing something meaningless. Feeling important and that your work matters to the business was key for me.

... the biggest challenge during the internship:
As mentioned previously, I highly appreciated our freedom with responsibility. However, this was also the biggest challenge for me. At first, I found it challenging to time estimate my tasks, but it is a process where you by the end get to know yourself in a new way in terms of more work-related situations.

Obviously, it was also a challenge to encounter new things; new people, new tasks, and professional knowledge in a new context – and how do I adapt to that in the best way possible. At the same time, it was one of the coolest and most interesting things throughout my internship. The onboarding process contributed largely in order for me to settle in more nicely in my new role.

... the personal and professional benefits from the internship:
Personally, I gained a lot from having freedom with responsibility as well as experience with task management. Furthermore, it was invaluable for me to be at eye level with a vast amount of highly skilled colleagues. I spent the first few weeks by getting to know my different business partners, which actually made our collaboration easier as we created a personal bond early in the process. It even made it easier in a more social-related context as it provided me with more personal relations across departments.

Professionally, I have developed my competencies within the whole area of HR. Several of the theories from my study was applied throughout my internship, for instance my marketing courses in relation to my responsibility for employer branding initiatives, which was great. A vast majority of my professional development took place on my own initative as I was given the freedom to develop in those directions that I found most interesting.

... the most memorable experience of the internship:
Our team-building spirit and the general tone have been a positive surprise. Rather quick in my internship, everyone from our department was invited home to our manager where we had a lot of fun and got to know each other in a different way. It made a great impression on me that she opened up the doors to her personal life. This proves that even though you are “only” an intern, you still get included in the same way as anyone else. In that connection, I have been very determined on stating particularly that to future interns when promoting Systematic at different education fairs.

... advice for future interns: 
Show courage. The more you dare to do, the more freedom you are given, and the more you develop. To be an intern at Systematic is a strong take-off in your professional career, so it is very important that you take it all in and get most out of the experience.