Szilard was an intern at Systematic's Defence department from August 2016 to January 2017




... choosing Systematic for an internship:
Two of my friends were both working at Systematic as interns, and they told me many good things about the company and their experiences here. That really initiated my interest. They also told me what to expect from Systematic, and what they expect from you. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to talk with Systematic two times at Company Dating in Aarhus and Horsens. They gave me a good impression and highlighted Systematic as an international company with quality software. When I read about Systematic on their website afterwards, I knew that this was the right place for me. 

... a typical day of work:
I usually start by catching up with where I left of the day before. Furthermore, I normally make a to-do list of my own that gives me an overview of my different tasks each day. Later on, we have our daily scrum meeting in which everyone gets a daily update of different tasks and other matters that require attention.

The rest of my day usually involves working on given tasks mostly in relation to investigation, modelling, implementation, or testing.


... the best part of the internship: 
The best part was definitely that I got to work with highly qualified people with the same or another profile like me. I really benefited from that, and I learned a lot both personally and professionally. My team was also something I really enjoyed. The atmosphere was great, and you felt welcome and appreciated from the second you started working.

I have to mention our canteen as well, which is something everyone at Systematic enjoys. 

Facts about Szilard:

  • Education: Szilard studies ICT Engineering at VIA University, Horsens, just finished his 6th semester.

  • Career dreams: dreaming of pursuing a profile in either project management or senior system engineering both with a programming background. 

  • Current position: Junior Systems Engineer, Defence.


... the difference between being an employee and a student:
As an intern at Systematic, you get to apply your theory in practice, and you experience how the knowledge, which you have gathered during your studies, works in real scenarios. That is the biggest difference and something you hope for when starting your internship.

... the biggest challenge during the internship:
It was a challenge to become familiar with all the different processes and tools that we use at Systematic. However, once you understood it, which happened fast with the great support you get from your colleagues, it was a natural part of your workday.

In relation to the project I was working on, it was a challenge to understand the system and all the functionalities. The project has been going on for a long time, which means that it has been through several changes. Therefore, I had to be acquainted with many things before I was capable of fully understanding the project. 

... the personal and professional benefits from the internship:
I have experienced both professional and personal development during my internship. I am much more confident now in comparison to before I started at Systematic. Furthermore, I have developed good communication skills. I was chosen to represent Systematic at different student fairs and company dating events, which included talking to students and showcasing Systematic in the best possible way.

I have gained a lot of practical knowledge and experience as well – especially in relation to estimation skills regarding time estimating my tasks. Furthermore, I got the opportunity of participating in courses within areas where I could see myself develop further and benefit from more experience. 

... the most memorable experience of the internship:
The most memorable experiences of my internship were our social events. You get a chance to talk and engage with your colleagues in a different way than you are used to at the office, which creates a better team spirit and brings people closer together.

Two moments stand out from the rest: When we were entertained by a mentalist at our late summer party last year, and at our project’s team building where our team challenged another team from our department in a pop quiz. 

... advice for future interns:
Get to know people around you and be an active member of Systematic. You might learn new things – things that you would not have learned otherwise. You do not get better opportunities of expanding your network, so make sure to take advantage of that. 

... working and studying as an international in Denmark:
I see it as a challenge, but in a good way. Denmark provides you with unique opportunities of gathering experience within those areas you want to improve, which is very beneficial for your overall profile. You get to apply the theory in practice, and you are constantly challenged in a positive way. 

In relation to working as an international in Denmark, you feel that people appreciate and value you. Danish people do not distinguish between Danes and internationals, and you are not judged on the basis of religion or skin colour, but on your actual skills. That highly applies for Systematic as well. Lastly, most Danes speak English, and many companies use English, which makes it easy for internationals to settle. 

... international students' value for the Danish labour market:
I think that international students contribute with increased skills and a strong work ethic in a Danish labour market that needs qualified labour within some areas. Many internationals want to stay in Denmark after graduating from university, and that often comes with new perspectives and a different approach to some things, which could benefit the workflow.

Furthermore, with more internationals coming, Denmark becomes more international, and more and more international initiatives are emerging. It is a great relationship that benefits both Danish society and internationals.