while you are still studying


Student Programme EN 4


We have student assistants within software developing, user experience design, communication, video production, human resources and process improvement.

As a student assistant, you have the opportunity to create an excellent platform for your career while you use your theory in practice. If you excel in your assignments we see a potential in you and we frequently offer our student assistants a full time job when they end their studies. Every year we hire around 10 newly graduated.

As a student assistant you will typically work between 10 and 15 hours a week and the job will be flexible in regards to your studies.    


When you are a student assistant in Systematic, we seek to give you the best start. That is why we have a student programme priming you to be able to accomplish your tasks. You will receive a course package where you are introduced to culture and values, processes, tools and more. Furthermore, you will have a 1-2 day course in a technology that is relevant for your job. You will have a mentor during your employment period who can provide you with input on how to solve your tasks. Before you end your studies, we will have an evaluation dialogue with you where we will talk about your future possibilities in Systematic.


As a student assistant, you are treated just like any other Systematic employee. To a large extent, you are responsible for planning your own work day.

Naturally, we also do our best to make sure there is a good match between your personal wishes and the formal requirements associated with your course on the one hand, and our expectations and priorities on the other. Most importantly, we want you to learn a lot and have fun while you are part of the Systematic team.