Students often visit us to discover the software development world


Student Programme EN 2


We have a desire to help strengthen the development of future it-candidates. This is why our headquarters in Aarhus are often visited by high school students and university students. Prior to the student visits, we tailor programmes to make sure the students get to try out different disciplines within the field of software development. The employees at Systematic teach, guide and support along the way. 



Every year we invite students from Aarhus University, School of Engineering to visit Systematic and participate in our Scrum courses. The course includes exercises and assignments meant to demonstrate the usage of Scrum.

In the best Scrum style, each team select a Scrum Master, do sprints and tries, how it is to be working with backlog. The students make paper boats, burst balloons, built houses of cards, uses LEGO for building and solves Sudoku puzzles. Afterwards, the students review their sprints and relate it to their planning and execution of the activities. Finally, the students spends time reflects and engage in energetic discussions about topics such as trust, self-organisation and shared responsibility. Read more about on of the visits

Students attending a Systematic Scrum course



Sometimes we also invite a senior class from the high schools, like Egaa Gymnasium, that have participated in a Systematic workshop. The students explored how development of mobile apps is done. The theme was healthcare with a focus on the design process an app goes through from idea to paper-prototype.

Mobileapp-development workshop

It was a pleasure to see you last time and to see how well you handled the task I gave to you, so I have great expectations for today.
You have to team up in pairs, and then talk about why you app is the coolest.
Now, I would like you to consider which social medias you use on a daily basis and what you use them for.
To structure the design process, you can list the different requirements, which you would like to design to.
We have had a lot of theory at high school, it was nice to try it out in practice.
Nothing was just straight away, everything was actually quite challenging.
It has been an awesome experience.
It was really good.

Mobileapp-development workshop

In the spring of 2013 we held a workshop on how to develop a mobile app. Our guests were a 3g class from Egaa Gymnasium. The workshop is about the design process, and what it takes to get from an idea to a paper prototype, to ensure the development is in the right direction. The theme of the workshop was the health care sector.





Other High school students from Egaa Gymnasium and Grenaa Gymnasium also have participated in a Systematic workshop. During the workshop the students grappled with user experience related activitites.

UX Workshop Spring 2014 3

UX Workshop Spring 2014 4

UX Workshop Spring 2014 2



A number of invited IT Students participated in a product development workshop where they were tasked to look at how two existing defense products could be developed.