People are the lifeblood of Systematic, and their talents and commitment are our most important asset


At Systematic we prioritize employee development. Our employees don’t just make a difference; they make the difference between failure and success for Systematic. This is why we want to give you the opportunity to grow your talent and become even better at what you do.

We are one company and we work closely together with each other, across all office locations. Working at Systematic is a unique opportunity to work and collaborate with people from all over the world.  







Every employee is an individual talent with unique competences, and it’s vital that our employees thrive, at the same time as evolving professionally as well as personally. 


Who we are - Systematic Employees

As a truly international company with offices in eight countries and more than 420 employees, Systematic delivers software and digital solutions to customers all over the world that have to make life-changing and mission-critical decisions – every day.
Since 1985, when Michael Holm started Systematic, effective mentoring and the solid introduction of new employees have always been key points that ensure continuity and high efficiency, and at the same time quickly glue the teams together.
Working with decision-making software requires close contact with customers, and an extra effort to understand their working environment and specific needs. This means Systematic needs people from many different educational backgrounds, as well as the traditional IT ones.
There is a saying in Systematic that it’s better to educate people and risk they leave, than not to, and risk they stay. This constant improvement of skills benefits both the employee and the customer.
As the only CMMI level 5 company in the Nordic countries, Systematic has the documented ability to deliver on time and within budget. This capability is due to our skilled employees, supported by our well-defined process tools and agile development workflow.
Team collaboration and great support from skilled colleagues, in combination with a “flat” organisation, also make room for a good work–life balance.
At Systematic, we all strive to enable our customers to be able to make critical decisions every day. If you want to know more about Systematic – as a customer, partner or employee – don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit our website at

Who we are - Systematic Employees

Meet Edwin, Martin, Kirstine, Anders, Gauri, Jan, Inge Lise and Marianne - learn what they do, which education they have and how it is to work in Systematic. This video showcase some of our employees stories and their career in the company -- from IT developers and engineers to UX designers and finance functions. They tell about daily tasks, how it is to work with customers and the career development possibilities in an international company with offices around the world.




We encourage our employees to acquire new skills as well as formal certification of their capabilities.

New employees often achieve one or more certifications within their first three months at Systematic – most being related to Microsoft, Java and Oracle technologies. These equip them to participate in a wide range of projects. Systematic employees are also encouraged to take courses in more commercially oriented subjects, such as project finance and contract management.


  • 16% of appointments are former employees rejoining Systematic
  • Average annual sick leave is 4.1 days 
  • 6101 working hours spent on knowledge networks in 2016










Every employee participates in two annual appraisal interviews. These provide opportunities for mutual feedback on recent performance as well as for discussing career development wishes with a view to a personal development plan.



The majority of Systematic employees have a higher education, but know-how has to be updated and refreshed on a continuous basis if it is to remain useful. 

We value a high standard of professional excellence via diploma or master educations as well as specialist courses held both in-house and externally. In conjunction with training that takes place at universities, Systematic pays the necessary fees and purchases the course materials and literature relevant for each employee’s use.


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