The desk you sit at on your first day at Systematic is only the beginning of your career journey – and definitely not the final destination


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We encourage – and dare you – to push your own boundaries, take charge of your own career, and explore the career ladder within Systematic.



Nurturing the careers of our employees is important to Systematic. This is why we want to highlight the many different professional development paths that our employees can choose between within the Group. We aim to make these clear to all our employees as well as laying out clearly defined goals and expectations in conjunction with these career development paths.



At Systematic, the careers of our generalists, specialists and managers are equally important. We provide all employees with attractive opportunities for career development via ongoing dialogue between the individual employee and his or her immediate superior. This enables each employee to discuss his or her opportunities openly, and to reflect constructively on these.


Systems Engineer

As a software engineer, you work in a project team with agile development methods and Scrum. The atmosphere is informal and knowledge sharing as well as cooperation are important elements of the job. You will be able to participate in every stage of development in projects of various size and complexity.


As an architect, you create solutions that integrate various products, technologies and services. Externally, you challenge the customer professionally with a focus on new technologies and possibilities. Internally, you set the direction and vision for the solution and ensure consistency with the customer's strategy and needs.

User Experience Engineer

As a user experience engineer, you play a central role in the designing of interactions and user interfaces, and you participate in the dialogue with the customers. You are responsible for the design of the user experience and realise visions on a high professional level together with architects and system developers.


As a sales consultant, you use your competence and experience by offering consulting services to decision makers on products, software development and you actively participate in the customers' projects.


As a student, you can work in all the departments of the company within areas such as software engineering, process improvement, administration and marketing. You can also work as an intern, write your thesis in cooperation with Systematic. 

HR, marketing & communications

Our HR department focuses on employer branding, recruitment, competence development and course administration. Our marketing and communications department ensures that we communicate in a professional, creative and inspiring manner externally as well as internally.


Software Tester

As a software tester, you are a part of a project team and responsible for the design, implementation and execution of software tests. During the initial stage, you uncover potential pitfalls, during the development stage you assure the quality of the product, and, lastly, you find and eliminate any errors.

Project Manager

As a project manager, you are responsible for managing a project and ensuring that we deliver the right solution to the quality, time and price agreed. You create results through motivation, delegation and empowerment, and you have a capacity for creating and maintaining strong relations to both customers and end users.

Finance & law

For those interested in business development, Systematic offers many opportunities. The business functions of our finance department include planning, organizing, auditing, accounting for and controlling the company's finances. In our commercial and legal department, we work with pre-qualifications, bidding and legal aspects, such as contracts and agreements.


As a consultant, you use your competence and experience by offering consulting services to decision makers on processes, management and architecture and you actively participate in the customers' projects.

Test Manager

As a Test Manager, you have the overall responsibility of the quality of our solutions, and you are responsible for all test related activities, plans, and reports. You are a part of the management team and with your extensive communication skills, you continuously disseminate information regarding risks and status to the project management as well as you are a part of the contact with customers. Largely, your daily life includes collaboration with customers where you act as the professional and confidential adviser that strengthens and inspires the customer in strategic decisions.   



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