We provide software solutions that make big differences to customers throughout the world by giving them the overviews and decision aids necessary for making critical decisions 


Strong Customer Focus Smallere


Our customers have high expectations about the quality and performance of Systematic solutions and products. They work in complex environments and make difficult decisions every day. This means that our solutions must be simple and work consistently.

What we do will make a difference - sometimes even between life and death for those who depend on the end result. This makes it crucial that we keep constant focus on creating value for our customers and on fulfilling their exact needs. 



In the midst of a battlefield; in an office at a busy hospital; on a small boat while boarding an unknown vessel – each customer uses our software solutions and products in very different ways. Each customer’s needs are unique.

In order to develop software that lives up to the specific requirements of each individual customer, we attach great importance to meeting our customers on ‘home ground’ and being introduced to the context in which the software will be used. Systematic focuses on ensuring that our employees acquire this familiarity and base their work on it.

Learn more about our customers and their needs by exploring the cases below, or take a look here to find other cases.