Kenneth Veis

In his own words, Kenneth Veis is a ‘communications guy’ in a software organization. He enjoys collaborating with colleagues who have very different skills than himself.


How did you get your job at Systematic?

I started out as a student worker. I applied for a job and was lucky to be called in for an interview. I had that position for a while and when I was offered an internship, I took it. After the internship, I went back to being a student worker while I did my thesis.

I have had some different roles in Systematic. After graduating, I worked a couple of months in a project position and finally I was offered the position I currently hold as a Communications Consultant in our Healthcare department. 


Name: Kenneth Veis

Position: Communications Consultant

Education:Master’s degree in Corporate Communications

Leisure: Kenneth spends a lot of time planning where to travel to next. Currently, he has his eyes on Canada or Mexico.

Started at Systematic: August 2015



Why did you choose to stay at Systematic after graduating?

Because I really like how skilled people are here. Almost every day, I sit in offices and in meetings with colleagues who are really, really good at what they do. They are experts in their fields and as a 'communications guy' in a software organization, it is really fascinating to meet people who know so much about stuff that I do not. You get to learn from one another.


How would you describe Systematic as a workplace?

I would say that I experience a fair amount of flexibility which I think is really nice. When you need to dig into something, you can sit at home or book a meeting room to actually go in depth with what you are doing.


What do you like about your job?

I think my work makes a lot of sense to me in two ways. One, we deliver systems that help people save lives, so there is a kind of bigger purpose, which is nice to think about.

But my work makes most sense to me when we get feedback from customers and they say “oh, this was so great. This was what we were looking and hoping for.” In those cases, we have accommodated exactly what they need. 

That is when I think, “This was a good day at work.”