Why have you chosen Systematic?

“The reason for choosing to do my Master’s degree in Health Informatics was that I wanted to take part in developing clinical IT systems of the future - IT systems that support the clinicians work in the best way possible.

My role as a Clinical Adviser at Systematic unites the understanding of both clinical and analytical work, which I find very interesting. As I shared the responsibility for the pilot project regarding Systematic’s Electronic Patient Record at the Region Hospital in Randers, it was natural for me to start working at Systematic.”


Name: Lene Buch Hauge
Position: Senior Clinical Adviser
Age: 46 years old
Background/education: Nurse with a Master’s degree in Health Informatics, Aalborg University
Residence: Hinnerup
Spare time: Yoga, voluntary work in a sports club, and a dedicated fan of Bakken Bears
Joined Systematic in: 2011


Describe what you do in your job?

“I went from being operational to having a more administrative role. In general, it is my job to analyse the needs of our customers and contribute to the development of systems and integrations between health IT systems, which supports the clinicians’ workflow. My workday entails planning and organising workshops for our clients and subcontractors, analysing new ways of supporting clinicians’ documentation needs, and being in close contact with our clients in order to both understand and challenge their needs.”

The best part about your job?

“I am a clinician above anything else, and it is important to me that I make a real difference for the clinicians at the hospitals. I feel like I do that every day. It is great as well to receive honest feedback from customers and have a constructive dialogue based on the feedback given to me. Furthermore, it is fantastic being surrounded by so many great colleagues.”

What are the most important tools in your job?

“Being in close contact with the customers, there are many important tools in my job. However, strong communication is definitely key in order to establish better collaboration between Systematic, our customers, and subcontractors. Furthermore, the job demands expert knowledge within clinical integration as the demands for our solutions are extensive.”

What are the greatest challenges in your job?

“The greatest challenge is that things take time. The customers want it all, and they want it now. I want the same, but we work on complex solutions that involve integrations to other health IT systems. For that reason, it takes some time to coordinate the many aspects of a project in order for our solutions to create value for the clinicians at the hospitals.” 

How du you think that Systematic differs from other software companies?
“To me, it is pivotal that we develop our products from the ground and in close collaboration with the customer. Furthermore, it is a company with an open-minded culture.”

What advice would you give to new colleagues who just started at Systematic?

“Throw yourself out there and take advantage of the cross-functional collaboration that exists at Systematic. Moreover, be open to any opportunity that may show. If you are in doubt of anything, you are always welcome to ask questions.”