Mathias Glavind Schmidt

Mathias Glavind Schmidt was hired at Systematic just before graduating university. He feels that he can contribute to the company with theoretical knowledge from his Computer Science degree.


How did you get your job at Systematic?

I was hired in the beginning of April 2017 as a student programmer while I was working on my master’s thesis. I was hired full time shortly thereafter, when I finished my master’s degree in July. It was nice to be fresh out of school and already have a good, solid job. It gave me a sense of security and Systematic is a nice place for new employees.


Name: Mathias Glavind Schmidt

Position: Systems Engineer

Education: Master’s degree in Computer Science

Leisure: Running

Started at Systematic: April 2017


How does your degree fit in at Systematic?

I think my master’s degree in Computer Science fits in very well here. At Systematic, there is a good mixture of engineers with a bit more practical knowledge and graduates from Computer Science with a bit more theoretical knowledge. You get to cooperate which is very nice.


How do you find the work environment at Systematic?

There are a lot of social activities and initiatives here at Systematic. I personally run quite a bit at the job but there are other sport activities too. There is bowling and football, if that is what you’re into. I would say that if you are keen on IT and is willing to challenge yourself, Systematic is a great place to come. You can develop your skills here and meet some great colleagues.