For Systems Engineer, Szilard Csongvay, it was a challenge moving to a new country to study, but with an internship and later a full-time job here at Systematic, the transition became much easier.

Why did you take your internship in Systematic?

I was looking for a software development center and luckily one of my good friends had his internship here at Systematic. He told me all about his good experiences here and that is how I encountered Systematic. I knew from the beginning, after reading up on Systematic, that the software solutions that they are developing are quality and reliable software. Therefore, I thought that this is the best place for me to evolve and apply my skills.


Name: Szilard Csongvay
Position: Systems Engineer
Education: ICT Engineering at VIA University, Horsens, Denmark
Started at Systematic:
August 2016


What motivated you to continue in systematic?

After six months of developing and learning new things, I have been offered a student job at Systematic. And right after finishing my university studies, I received a full-time position opportunity, which I gladly took.

How was it to move to Denmark and then work and study here?

Leaving your own country and move to a new one, it is a hard, challenging decision to make. Coming to Systematic helped me to ease that transition, to be much more welcome and, at the end of the day, make this my own home. For me, it is important to develop, both personally as well as professionally. Systematic allows me to do this.