The extra something - team spirit


Professional challenges and the sense of making a difference are essential, when it comes to job satisfaction. But all the things that surround the actual job are also very important. Knowing about and caring for your colleagues is part of the glue that keeps everything together.

Therefore, we place great emphasis on traditions and events such as the christmas party for the whole family, the annual summer party and the DHL relay run.


More Than Just A Job

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We also think that physical wellbeing is very important. 50 per cent of the employees cycle to work and several running groups go off for jogs along Aarhus River, which runs behind the building. Our showers are busy every morning, so runners and cyclists can freshen up before work. And the canteen staff go at lenghts to serve healthy and delicious food every day.

Also, we have a lot of company sports activities such as bowling, volleyball, football and squash.

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