Systematic has developed the Joint Library System to provide a comprehensive range of capabilities and tools for joint use by public libraries, school libraries and libraries of many other kinds. 



  • 1 centralised operations facility

  • 1 shared system

  • The Joint Library System is currently being rolled out in approximately 1,500 public libraries and educational learning centres (formerly known as school libraries) in Denmark.

  • These libraries are responsible for more than 50 million loans every year.




The Joint Library System is a modern IT solution that is designed to enable all kinds of libraries to carry out their many tasks as effectively as possible, using a shared joint infrastructure – whether national or regional.

The system reduces operating and development costs for the national and local government bodies (or privately funded organisations) involved in running the libraries, because responsibility for development and operations is centralised.

At the same time, it is an open platform based on recognised standards. This makes it possible to integrate this system with other library management systems and digital platforms, and thus access data from one system to another.


  • Open platform based on recognised standards

  • Opportunities for shared processes and greater cooperation between the local authorities involved

  • Supports cooperation between public libraries, school libraries, and other kinds of lending set-ups for reading and educational materials

  • Reduces operating costs for individual owners and operators of libraries of all kinds

  • Supports a wide range of modern digital library platforms

  • Intuitive, user-friendly system with an attractive, contemporary look

  • Effective operational support


Communication and learning – and especially the educational angle – are with slightly different weightings built into the charters of both public and school libraries. Using this system, we want to modernise the technological basis for both types of library. An up-to-date technical platform makes it easier to establish new interfaces and to link up with mobile devices, in order to provide better service for both library users and staff. It must be easy for library users to access the information they want, while library staff must be well equipped to concentrate on education, learning and communication. Neither group should have to spend time grappling with the technology.”


The Cicero Library Management System is the core of the Joint Library System. It is targeted at the administrative staff at libraries of all kinds. The system gives staff an easily accessible, user-friendly interface that is effective for tasks that include administrative search, inter-library loans, and purchasing and booking as well for managing materials and fees. This frees up time for staff to undertake other tasks.

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Cicero  Web provides the student, the teacher and parents with online access to knowledge, teaching aids and materials available from the library.

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