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Libraries provide people with easy – often free – access to a vast range of knowledge and information. But nowadays they are increasingly challenged by having to provide services to a very wide audience with significantly changing needs – not least in digital form – both in the actual library and outside. The many different kinds of activities increase the need for versatility in all the spaces and furnishings within the library, and to move such activities out of the library to the users, in digital formats.

The Cicero software suite is specially designed and configured to tackle such new requirements. This is achieved with a number of IT solutions – ranging across the spectrum from a technically up-to-date administrative system to easy-to-use digital tools that help inspire library users and search and experience-oriented fixtures and furnishings for the library space.

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A wide-ranging selection of materials places heavy demands on libraries in terms of handling and management of loans, fees and inter-library loans, as well as the acquisition of new materials.

The Cicero Library Management System is therefore targeted at making life easier for the administrative staff in libraries. It is the core of the new Systematic Joint Library System. The Cicero Library Management System can be integrated with a range of appropriate national, regional or local infrastructure for libraries, which makes it possible to search for materials held by all the institutions linked to the Joint Library System, and to collaborate efficiently with these.

Such collaboration also provides the basis for effective centralised operation of the Cicero Library Management System. This keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum as well as reducing the need for IT resources in the different bodies and organisations linked to the system.

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Read more about the Cicero Library Management System

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