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School libraries are having to transition towards a new role as multi-purpose learning support units of different kinds. They must inspire both teachers and students with new methods and tools, and they must participate actively in the process of professional and educational development. Teachers and students need to be more self-reliant with regard to routine tasks and procedures, so the professional staff are freed up for effective educational interaction.

Cicero Web supports this demand for an increasing degree of professional and educational development in schools, providing an easily accessible visual interface that enables users to explore teaching aids available from the school libraries.

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The Cicero Library Management System ensures efficient purchasing processes for new teaching materials, based on well-informed decisions. The system provides an overview and comprehensive information about the material being considered, as well as providing good opportunities for effective joint procurement and economies of scale. 

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Administrative staff

  • Opportunities for extending the school library in ways best suited to provide the greatest benefit for the school

  • Time previously spent on administrative tasks can now be used to help and support teachers in their core tasks

  • Opportunities to raise awareness about educational resources among teachers, students and parents

The student

  • An intuitive, inspiring search function makes it easy for students to find relevant materials and teaching aids. This even applies to the younger students, who are can benefit from the system by just using the mouse

The teacher

  • Easy to search for materials and teaching aids in any appropriate local library

  • Easy to search for materials and teaching aids in other libraries in the same local government area or – if necessary – in joint collections or in public libraries

  • Easy to forward requests to the national resource centre for materials and teaching aids, and other material platforms


  • Web access to the school library, so parents and children can share the discovery process and arrange their children’s next loan

  • Information about return dates is available from home, so parents can help children to return materials on time

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