The objective behind MoMo is the creation of a professional, user-friendly tool that responds to the particular needs of different target groups. The interface is designed to be attractive yet timeless, as well as being flexible and responsive.

The overall design of MoMo features clear, intuitive graphics that users are quick to pick up. Colours and action buttons are clear, but not dominant – people can use the system every day without being distracted by the graphical information.

Labtop Dashboard

Systematic has also made conscious efforts to limit how much keyboard work is involved in using the MoMo platform. The idea is that all users should able to navigate and use MoMo easily, via a structure that makes it easy for people with any kind of background or level of education to use the system. The basic thing is that you can get an overview of your course and the teaching/learning objectives how these are scheduled, and – where relevant – what results have been achieved. 

The principle of simplicity is repeated when users want more complex information. Icons, filter search, work fields, etc. that are used repeatedly are in fixed positions, regardless of which pages are used. When users use the filter (for example), it will therefore always be available simultaneously with the outcome of the search. This helps users maintain an overview and helps them quickly switch between different search parameters without losing context.

A simple interface tells users that they “can access” – a feature that is perhaps crucial for how much they will actually use the system. The simplicity of MoMo does not involve any compromise with the ability to work in depth and present complex analyses – the system leaves it up to the individual user to decide what is a comfortable level of information.

Tablet Elevplan


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