Sikkerhed Momo

MoMo is designed to comply with the latest Danish and European legislation regarding data security, and meets the requirements associated with this. This includes legislation about education, personal data and IT security.

MoMo complies with:

  • The Danish Bekendtgørelse (Executive Order) about requirements for levels of skills in Danish public schools
  • The Danish Bekendtgørelse (Executive Order) about requirements for digital student plans
  • The Danish Persondataloven (Act on Processing of Personal Data)
  • Sikkerhedsbekendtgørelsen (Security Order)

In MoMo, all personal data are collected and stored in the student plan, with secure access.

This means, for example, that all communication and sharing of information is processed as sensitive personal data, within the student plan. With this sharp delineation, users are completely free to use digital learning resources and modern cloud services throughout the part of the platform dedicated to actual teaching.

Systematic has 30 years’ experience working with sensitive and classified data for public-sector clients. This experience has been transferred into the design and configuration of the MoMo software platform for the educational sector.

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