Effective support for library work processes

Libraries and educational learning centres in schools are often under pressure with regard to both time and money.

The Cicero Library Management System (LMS) ensures a user-friendly administrative system that’s cost-effective in operation. This ease of use provides staff with effective support for procedures that include administrative search, and advanced decision-making support with regard to purchasing, booking, dealing with library materials and fees. The system therefore frees up more time for other tasks.

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Cicero is a modern, modular library management system that supports the workflows of library staff. The emphasis is on the majority of the functions involved in day-to-day work procedures being easy to find and easy to use, so that even occasional users are able to navigate the system with no effort.

The Cicero Library Management System provides the core of the Danish Joint Library System, which is based on a combination of existing national infrastructure and recognised library management standards. This makes it relatively easy to implement a joint system for library operation and management. At the same time, data can be pulled from other systems, so that data only needs to be updated in one place. This kind of joint operation and administration provides library users with consistent service, while also releasing time and resources for other things.

Cicero is modular

The modular structure of the Cicero Library Management System integrates and supports workflows that fit together naturally. The modular design makes it easy to navigate.

Some users will mainly use the functions associated with Circulation, under which inventory and loans are dealt with. Others will use functions associated with System Administration or Accession, under which the purchase takes place.

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