The booking section of the Cicero LMS is where school staff at the learning centre can help teachers to book materials for their upcoming courses.

It is also here where users can get an overview of active registered bookings. In addition, they can print booking lists, and bookings can be fulfilled and delivered.

Cicero can manage bookings with materials with or without any appropriate material numbers. Bookings registered in the Cicero LMS can also be accessed in Cicero Web, and bookings registered in Cicero Web can be accessed in Cicero LMS.




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The Cicero LMS feature support for: 

  • Searching in school loan materials – F4 only searches in the materials the school has registered as being possible to book, via material groups.
  • Users can create a booking for a given class and a given teacher. Cicero then automatically suggests – based on class student numbers – how many materials should be booked.
  • As part of the setup process, the school can determine which schools in the relevant local authority area is able to book their materials.
  • It is possible to get an overview of all bookings – active, fulfilled and implemented – as well as the dates and durations for individual bookings. It is possible to register buffer zones that allow time for preparation of the booking for the next teacher wanting to book any specific materials.
  • Bookings can be registered as fulfilled when the materials are located and placed ready for collection or delivery.
  • Bookable materials can be dealt with regardless of whether or not they have a material number.
  • Bookable materials can have two borrowers attached. This means, for example, that a teacher can be registered as the primary borrower, and students as secondary borrowers, making it the students’ responsibility to return the borrowed materials.